Mountain Glamping Trip!

Illissa & Celine

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Celebrating birthdays has never been more fun than the 15 person glamping trip we went on to Palomar Mountain, San Diego CA!

Illissa and her love Celine came together with their friends to drink, eat, play games and glamp! 



We went to Palomar mountain in San Diego and went glamping for our friend Mikee's birthday. 

Palomar Mountain is a mountain ridge in the Peninsular Ranges in northern San Diego County. Palomar Mountain’s biggest attractions is the Palomar Observatory and Hale Telescope.

The observatory and telescope are known throughout the country to see shooting stars and beautiful views. 



We went Glamping: think glamorous camping



We ate, drank and played games. We also had a wonderful photo shoot!

There are plenty of hiking trails to follow right in the middle of the wilderness to get away from city lights and noise. The biggest blessing of taking a trip to Palomar Mountain is turning off all cell phones, tuning yourself out of reality and taking a couple of days to enjoy the company that is with you!

It was a beautiful trip!



We felt very safe during this trip! It was a very calming, quick trip.


A wonderful15 member LGBT trip for a couple of days.



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