We Are Wandering: Cornwall, U.K.

 Steff & Ells


 We’re a Lesbian Travel couple who have been traveling and working remotely for the last 6 months! Before this we both traveled separately.

Steff: The best place I've ever been is the top of the Ijen Crater in Java, Indonesia.

Ells: My favorite place I've ever been was the islands of Fij.

Collectively we have been to over 20 countries and we intend on adding so much more!

We want to inspire aspiring travelers and LGBT travelers to get out there and follow their dreams by showing them what we’ve done!
— Steff and Ella

Your Adventure


We did a 5 day road trip in a camper van to Cornwall in the U.K. We started off in Dorset and traveled each day to a different coastal town with the aim of reaching The Lizard for an incredible coastal walk/view. 

We would 100% do it again. We love everything about a van life and discovering the beautiful coastal towns of the U.K. is out of this world!

You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it for yourself but the water is a beautiful turquoise and the scenery is so lush and green! 

We had the best time belting out bangers as we drove from town to town and the best part was when we finally got to The Lizard and took a walk to Kynance Coast. It’s so incredible there!


We stayed at the best campsite in The Lizard. It was called Henry’s Campsite and it was so quirky and unique! 

It had the cutest space with so many sofas and fairy lights and during the summer they host a music festival. It’s the quirkiest campsite we’ve ever stayed at!



The U.K. is super safe for LGBTQ+ community. We often see openly LGBTQ+ couples and individuals walking around being completely themselves. 

favorite travel Tip

Do one thing a day that scares you!

next trip

We just arrived in Bangkok and are going to be exploring northern Thailand for the next 2.5 weeks! After this trip we are flying to New Zealand for 6-8 months! 


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