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 Blanca & Yesi


We're from Dallas, Texas; but these days we find that we're hardly ever home. I (Blanca) travel quite frequently for work, so thankfully Yesi's job allows her to tag along.

So far we have mainly adventured along the East Coast in the U.S. and have been a little all over the place in Europe. We've just recently returned from New York City and are prepping for our next journey in Asia.

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We always travel together :)

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This last adventure took us to New York City. We hadn't planned on going, just for the sake of it (even though we LOVE it there!). But back in the beginning of May, our good friend Tenia reached out, because she had tickets to a Blinkin Park concert with Blink 182 and Linkin Park that was going to be held at Citi Field in NYC. Fast forward to the last week of July and the awful news about the lead singer from Linkin Park hit the stands. Despite being devastated to hear about one of our favorite bands, our flights and hotel had already been booked and paid for. 
When you travel frequently, you learn early on about the pains of last minute cancelled plans; whether they be flights, hotels or other experiences. We hopped on a group chat and agreed that we would still meet up in the city. 
All of us had been there before, but there is always something new to experience when you're there with different people than that last time. 


We had a blast walking around and getting lost in the city. Yesi and our friend Jessica are photographers, the city was basically their playground. We ventured everywhere from Wall Street to Brooklyn, over to Chinatown and Little Italy and up onto the Highline until we went to our final destination: Greenwich Village.

It wasn't obvious until the last day, when we were finally standing in the middle of Greenwich Village, that we should've started the weekend by visiting there first. What a rookie mistake! Needless to say, we owe New York a return visit soon, if for nothing else than a weekend in the Gayborhood.


  • The Bagel Store: Must try the rainbow bagel! Do it for the 'gram!

  • Martha's Country Bakers: Their cookies are the size of your head. The coffee and tea selection is also on point.

  • Randolf Beer (Williamsburg): They have a beer atm and some badass appetizers.

  • Carmine's Pizzaria: Try the pepperoni pizza rolls! You can grab and go or head next door to sit for a few beers.



  • Noodletown: located in Chinatown. Get anything with roasted duck!

  • Caffe Palermo: The owner calls himself the Cannoli King for a reason. This place is a MUST.

  • Heartland Chophouse and Brewery: located off of Time Square. Signature beer and great food!


 Don't be afraid to take the subway system. You can see so much more of the city and save a lot of money by utilizing the MTA.

 Never once did we feel like we weren't safe. Granted, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

next trip

Our favorite place that we've been to has been Prague, in the Czech Republic. The food was great, there's lots to see, the prices were cheap, they serve great beer and aren't stingy with the pour and best of all, it's where we got engaged!

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