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We are dedicated to making the world a more inclusive space. Sharing stories of adventure and love from the LGBTQ+ community. The Travel Unicorn is THE LGBTQ+ travel guide. It works to connect LGBTQ+ travelers to safe destinations based on their recommendations. 

It works with the LGBTQ+ community to offer safe, fun and adventurous travel recommendations around the world. Personal recommendations from travelers sharing their stories, experiences and adventures.

We’re done hiding. Visible, Safe, Fun, LGBTQ+ travel before, after and during your next adventure!


The Travel Unicorn was founded after my literal Travel Unicorn. I have been to over 32 countries on five continents and have always loved traveling with my little guy. After a recent trip to Sevilla, Spain with my girlfriend I started thinking more about the need for LGBTQ+ travelers to be able to communicate with one another about their travel experiences. I researched advice for LGBTQ+ travelers and realized there was a real need for recommendations, advice and honest feedback from LGBTQ+ travelers. And so...The Travel Unicorn was born. 

Since founding The Travel Unicorn in November of 2016, I have cultivated a following of 20,000+ amazingly diverse and dedicated Instagram followers, launched an online storefront and am looking forward to what's next! I am so grateful for the community of LGBTQ+ travelers who have shared their stories, submitted their photos and reached out to me throughout this process. It has been so amazing getting to know each and every one of you and I am so excited to work with and for you all.

With love,


Founder of The Travel Unicorn  

What We've Achieved

20,000+ Instagram followers 

Launched an online storefront

Shared stories from LGBTQ+ adventurers


What's Next

The Travel Unicorn App!